Night Clubs, Late Bars and all Licensed Premises Insurance

Night Clubs, Late Bars and all Licensed Premises Insurance

Licensed premises insurance

Owning and running your own pub, hotel, club or restaurant can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s also a lot of work. You often catch yourself wishing there were more hours in the day, so why not let us save you time by putting together a quality licensed traders insurance package, for a price that won’t break the bank.

Quality cover for hotels, pubs, bars and Clubs

The types of premises we can arrange cover for include:
•Bed and breakfast and hotels
•Restaurants, cafes and snack bars
•Pubs with and without accommodation
•Social Clubs and Gentleman’s Clubs
•Late bars and Night Clubs

If you need cover for more complex, licensed premises, speak to our team about creating a policy tailored to your specialist requirements.

What an insurance policy includes

The risks associated with running a restaurant will be slightly different to those of a hotel or pub and vice versa, which is why you need a bespoke policy tailored exactly to your business. However, here are some essential cover types most licensed traders will need:

Buildings and contents

This can protect your building, its surroundings and many of the items within the building from instances such as fire, flood, theft and vandalism. You may need additional cover for certain contents in the premises, such as stock or money.

Public liability insurance

As your business is customer-facing, taking out public liability insurance is very important. It will cover the legal costs of settling a claim if a member of the public is injured – for instance, if a child hurts themselves in the play area of a pub or restaurant. It also offers you protection if they become ill or have their possessions damaged whilst on your premises.

Employers liability cover

Your business is likely to employ staff, so you must take out this cover by law. It’s essentially the same as public liability insurance, but encompasses the legal costs of resolving a claim made by a member of staff, as opposed to the public.

Cover for Stock

Chances are your stock totals thousands of pounds, especially if you run a pub, which can increase the risk of theft and burglary. Be as accurate as possible when calculating the total cost of stock, because if you under-insure and something happens to your it, you’ll be the one out of pocket.

Money cover

As licensed premises typically handle a lot of cash from day to day, you must make sure it’s covered with quality insurance. You should double check that it provides protection when the cash is in transit and stored in a safe overnight.

Tailor your cover with extras

As well as quality pub, hotel or restaurant liability insurance, together with cover for your stock and money, you can further bolster protection by adding extras to your policy. These include everything from goods in transit, legal expenses and loss of license cover, to protection against personal accident and assault.


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