Will employee absence hurt your profits?

If you’re a small business, having just one of your employees off work can seriously impact your company and your profits. Especially if that employee is a key member of staff or they’re off for a prolonged period of time and have to wait for the medical treatment they need.

Private health cover is designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment for curable, short-term illnesses or injuries, generally covering in-patient and day-patient treatment as well as eligible out-patient treatment. This could help your employees to return to work quickly.

Solutions from Aviva provides flexible private health cover for companies just like yours, helping to protect your you and your employees and keep your profits healthy.

The cost without private health cover

Official statistics show that UK employees are absent due to sickness for around 4.1 days each year1. With median full time earnings at £569 per week2 on a 5-day working week, this equates to £466.58 in ‘lost’ salaries.

For a company with a team of 50, this means 205 days lost and £23,329 in salaries.

This shows just how important it is to manage absence within your business. Covering your employees with Solutions means that they could get back to work quicker after injury or illness, saving you money and making your business more productive.

It’s also why we include the BacktoBetter service as standard on Solutions, as this can lead to an even quicker recovery time for your employees with back, neck joint or muscle pain – getting them back to work even faster.

The key benefits and services of private health  cover from Aviva

Quicker treatment – You and your staff members will be assured of prompt access to treatment when they need it, without having to worry about NHS waiting lists. Members of our health policies can schedule treatment to suit themselves, adapting to business or social demands as necessary.

BacktoBetter – Whenever you or one of your members get an ache or pain in the back, neck, muscles or joints, BacktoBetter can help. Solutions includes access to BacktoBetter, an independent clinical case management service for back, neck, muscle or joint pain (musculoskeletal conditions). It gives members access to a clinical case manager who’ll help guide them down the right treatment pathway.

A valuable employee benefit – Private health cover is a highly valued employee benefit. Arranging cover for your employees, and possibly their families, will help you attract and retain the best staff for your business.

Easy to set up and administer– To be accepted or transferred over to our private health cover policies there is no need for a medical examination. We aim to make setting up, administering and claiming as easy as possible for our customers.

Added value benefits

Solutions includes a number of additional benefits at no extra charge.

Aviva Digital GP – For video consultations with NHS-registered GPs, repeat NHS prescriptions and much more. Aviva
Digital GP is powered by Now Healthcare Group. Aviva Digital GP is available to residents of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at home or abroad. Residents of the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man are not eligible for this service. Terms and conditions apply.

A 24 hour stress counselling helpline – Experienced counsellors are there when members want to talk about a personal or professional issue that’s causing them distress. This benefit is available to members aged 16 and over.

Up to 25% off gym membership – Solutions also offers up to 25% off membership fees at some of the UK’s leading health and fitness clubs. Terms and conditions apply.

MyAviva – bringing together the products that help our customers protect their health, loved ones, future and possessions in one secure and simple-to-use online place. With a whole host of benefits at their fingertips, members can:
● Start a new claim or update us on an existing one
● check policy information, including cover and benefit details
● view their claims summary, update us on the next stages of their treatment and track the bills paid against their claim
● keep track of their excess and out-patient benefits (if applicable)
● Live Chat directly to one of our claims team without having to pick up the phone
● enjoy an existing customer discount on selected new Aviva products. Terms and conditions apply. Discount can be amended or removed at any time prior to taking out the new product
● download our app to view their policies on the go. MyAviva is safe, secure and tailored to use on all devices.

Solutions from Aviva is flexible enough to fit any business – whether your company has 2 or 249 employees. It’s  designed to pay for the treatment of acute (short-term, curable) conditions that occur after you’ve taken out the policy. It won’t cover for treatment of chronic or pre-existing conditions. However, there may be an element of cover depending on the cover and underwriting selected.

How does Solutions work?

● Start with core cover, providing prompt access to eligible treatment as an in-patient,day-patient or out-patient, including BacktoBetter, an independent clinical case management service for back, neck, muscle or joint pain (musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions)
● You can then choose to bolt on up to 4 extra cover options: mental health treatment, routine and GP referred services, extended hospital list, and dental and optical cover. If you add any of these options, your premium will increase.
● You can also select up to 4 options to reduce your premium, from a member excess, 6 week option, reduced hospital list or selected benefit reduction.
● Adapt the level of cover for up to three different groups of employees, reflecting the needs of each group and helping to make private health cover more affordable and a better fit for your business.
● There are a number of exclusions which may vary depending on the options you choose.

For more information on how Solutions can work for your business and for a more detailed explanation of the cover it provides, including all the benefits, exclusions, terms and conditions please contact Church Side Insurance on info@onyx.email or 01623 650232

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