Information of our Office Closure and Insurance Policies

During the Covid-19 outbreak.  In view of Government Guidelines, Church Side Insurance staff will work from home until further notice.  We will have full access to our computer systems, and all our calls will be diverted to our advisors at home.  We hope this doesn’t cause you any problems, but we feel this is the correct and prudent course of action to take.

Please Call 01623 650232 or Email and we will be able to renew any policies, quote for new policies, take payments and deal with any of your claims….
Business is very much as usual over the phones and email.

Here at Church Side Insurance, we must ensure that the safety of our staff and customers is paramount when making any decision of this nature and hope that you agree.

Insurance policies and Covid-19

The following information is not intended to scare, but to inform and manage the expectations of business owners during this difficult time

All insurance companies have differing wordings that can also differ across product types.

The vast majority of Insurance Policies, for all industries, WILL NOT cover for the current outbreak.

We are seeing some Insurers wordings completely rule out any cover for ’emerging diseases’, some have a list of covered diseases, but as Covid-19 is a ‘Novel Virus’ it is not on any lists. We have found some polices will cover Business Interruption if a ‘Notifiable Disease’ is present on the premises (and in some cases within 25 miles) but as it is difficult to be tested under the current guide lines, it will also therefor be difficult to prove an individual has contracted the virus and also difficult to prove they were on the insured premises.

If we are able to demonstrate to insurers that a customer does qualify for a claim, we feel it could also be difficult to quantify losses.

Please see the following points taken from a post on the internet, they are not our words and in fact are quite ‘direct and unsympathetic’ but they do put the situation into simple perspective:
Simple Coronavirus Insurance Explanation!

  • Pandemic disease could be classed as an uninsurable risk. If insurers had to charge premiums to cover this risk, you simply could not afford them. They would run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, even millions!
  • Interruption insurance is an extension on a policy covering buildings and contents and only comes into play if the property is damaged by a range of “perils” such as Fire, Storm or Flood. Disease is usually not one of them (Refer 1 above)
  • If you are lucky enough to find a small disease extension on the interruption section of your policy, on an unspecified illness basis, it could in practice only pay for the loss of profit during the one week you need to close to deep clean them. Not your entire year of trading.
  • Liability policies by their very nature cover liabilities, not physical property, so there cannot be an extension to a section that does not exist. (Refer 2 above)
  • Insurers cannot compensate business for a “down turn” in trade, as that is a commercial risk of running a business, regardless of the reason for it.
    Insurers are NOT resourced in any way to pay for population level, pandemic events. Only governments have access to capital at this scale to compensate everyone at once.
  • As we referred to before, this information is not intended to scare, we are simply trying to manage peoples expectations in uncertain times.

There have already been some amazing stories of resilient business owners diversifying and finding new ways to continue trading during the outbreak. Also stories of communities rallying to help local business’ survive…. We are all in this together and we are all here to help where possible.

Please get in touch if you have any questions specific to your policy.

See the two links below for further information on advice for policy holders, issued by Marsh, and also how the government is helping us all in this crisis.

Government Information and Help

Advice for Policyholders

Please note this is an ever changing landscape and all information provided is believed true at the time of writing